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Add colors to your FileMaker daily tasks

FREE FileMaker Sample Database


Store and manage the main information within your contacts: billing or shipping addresses, purchases and letters which were written to certain contact.

From the contacts section you can print out:
– employers Business cards and ID badges;
– contacts address labels or envelopes.


Manage products no matter it is a product or a service. You can set the products prices easier then you know what’s your margin and costs. Track the stock status for each product and set the reorder level.

From the products tab you can print out:
– products Price list
– good looking product catalog
– product labels for store shelves


Track your sales and print out stunning invoices for your clients. You are able to lock the invoice information for further modifications especially if you have more than one user (e.g. sales person and sales manager). From the Invoices section you can print out:
– sales invoice
– sales reports in list view then records are sorted by Contacts, Months or Weeks
– sales reports in list and with charts then records are sorted by Months or Weeks
– shipping or billing address labels for quick delivery


Track all yours company’s correspondence in one place – You can easily choose the recipient you would like to write the official letter. Add the date, text and tags for certain information from the database.

From the Letters section you can print out:
– good looking Letters which meet your company’s style.

16 Professional Corporate Designs included

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Demo file: FREE FileMaker Sample Database

Download this Sample Database and use it on your own risk.