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Unlocked FileMaker Template for your’s Custom App starting point. Application is the ideal solution to manage your Contacts, Projects, Job Orders, Estimates, Project discrepancies, Leads, Proposals, Contracts, Products, Warehouses, Incomes, Expenses, Payments, Documents, and Tasks, Events with Calendar, Timesheets. It’s the smart way to manage your business!

By purchasing you will get:

  • Unlocked FileMaker File
  • 1 year of updates
  • 1 year of email support


Compatible with FileMaker 17-18

  • WebDirect support for Desktop and Tablet
  • iPad version (current version will be discontinued and we’ll present redesigned Tablet version in future version)

Localised for 5 additional languages:

  • French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • English is default for development and user.

Benroy Business App’s key features:

  • CRM: Organize your whole business in one place.
  • Contacts and Companies management
  • Calendars and activities: Individual or multi-user calendars.
  • Activity Sets: Ideal feature for a perfect business process management. Prepare activity sets (Event and/or Task) and assign them easily to a Contact, Project or Sales Lead.
  • Projects, Tasks and Purchase orders: Project module allows you to define projects, tasks, and roles, track project activity; assign tasks to individuals or groups; prepare purchase orders and estimates; quickly prepare invoices and track project expenses.
  • Sales management and Quotes/Proposals: Track your leads and prospects, quickly prepare quote/proposal and send it to the customer. When leads are won with one click create project and track process later on.
  • Product catalog, Warehouses and Inventory management: Store all your products and services, manage its prices, prepare beautiful catalogs and price-lists directly for customers. Manage multi warehouses, reorder levels, quantity on hand, etc.
  • Invoices and Expenses: overview of all the buying and selling activities, all in one place. Convenient billing and mailing to customers. Calculate the cost of goods or services easily.
  • Document management: Secure document storage means everyone has access to the information they need and no one can overwrite another user’s updates. Link documents to any module within the application.
  • Dashboard & Reports: Dashboard will show current business status and CrossTab reports let you slice you business data in the way you like it. Chosen data can be printed, saved as PDF or exported to Excel.Integration with Google Calendar and Mailchimp.
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Mailchimp.
  • iPad version: All modules are prepared for using with the iPad.
  • Multi-platform support: Whether you have PC or Mac computers and need a solution that works seamlessly in all platforms, including iPads for technicians and project teams or sales reps at remote locations.
  • Flexible purchase and support models: Run it on your server OR host it on PCI’s servers.
  • Customize and Expand: Using our development services, you can customize and expand modules and features within the application. Adjust and adapt to the growing workflow and project demands.


Please check Developer Preview page to see more under the hood.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, no worries – we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Single Site update to Vertical Market, Single Site, Vertical Market

14 days TRIAL

It’s a full featured version of Benroy Business App, which works for 14 days only. We want everyone could have an option to try and experience Benroy in action.

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What would you like to see in next version of Benroy Business App?

Release Notes

Benroy v. 18.083__ (Released on October 10th, 2019)


  • Added a missing predefined *.xlsx files for quick data import for People, Companies, Products and Projects.
  • Benroy’s Trial version will no longer ask for login credentials for faster and more elegant user experience.


Benroy v. 18.077__ (Released on July 19th, 2019)


  • Improved performance of the database by completely removing remaining of Classic theme from the file.
  • Quick fix of the few found issues.


Benroy v. 18.074__ (Released on July 12th, 2019)

New features

  • Newly redesigned UI with master-detail records browsing in form view. Statuses aded to every module, Pictures of the People and a lot more beautifully looking objects.
  • New KPIs and charts added to the Dashboard for much better overview of your entire business.
  • Google Calendar integration with an option to upload events from FileMaker.
  • Mailchimp integration.
  • All printable documents will be prepared in PDF and opened in default PDF viewer.
  • Sample data comes with any files for much faster learning on how to use the app. Also there is an option to clear all sample data and start adding your own data. You have an option to keep settings from Sample data or even start everything from the scratch.
  • Quick access to our knowledge base from the solution directly.


  • Improved selectors to be more efficient for developers to implement.

Bug fixes

  • Some minor bug fixed.


Benroy v. 17.091__ (Released on July 6th, 2018)

New features

  • soSIMPLE Calendar v3 integration. Transform your lists of events and schedules into a beautiful, manageable drag & drop calendar, just like you’re used to in Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar. Only with way more features and flexibility. Licenses for calendar sold separately.
  • New charts added to the dashboard. You can see Payment status per month, Cash flows per month and overall Income vs Expenses on monthly and total per year basis charts now.
  • WebDirect support for Desktop and Tablet.
  • Created a 14 days Trial version so everyone could try. We are so confident about our product so we would like everyone to try before buying the template.


  • Improved phones and addresses entry capability to be more easier and faster to enter contact details.
  • Improved Selectors for every module. Now you can assign an object (i.e. Contact or Company to Projects) with a click and with much better performance.
  • Improved payment data entry to be more flexible and more easier to manage.
  • Improved user experience with additional buttons in main navigation.
  • Improved navigation between modules with key shortcuts.
  • Improved Desktop’s and Tablet’s user interface with latest FileMaker features.

Bug fixes

  • Some minor bugs fixed.


Benroy v. 16.214__ (Released on April 20th, 2018)

New features

– Localized for 5 additional languages (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian).


– Improved Lists views to see summarized fields on demand, which allows user to use lists with much better performance.
– Improved user experience when moving buttons from footer to header.

Bug fixes

– A bug that caused Language fields do not update properly.
– A bug that caused do not show number separator based on users system preference.
– A bug that caused back forward buttons do not work in some cases.

The Benroy Business App is up to date (December 1st, 2017)

Mostly we do customisations for each of the customers personally now. The set of main features is the same and they are mandatory for each starting point. It’s been tested with lots of customers and didn’t required an update for more than a year. But definitely we think about future and we plan to release updated version of Benroy next year. The feature set will be the same, but we plan to make it more modular, so it would be easier for new customers to take over. 

Benroy v. 15.083__ (Released on September 25th, 2015)


– Improved Activity area in Projects, Leads, Contacts and Companies modules. Now you can plan and manage your team more productive with popover buttons and main statuses colors.
– Improved invoice template for companies located in USA.
– Now invoice can be used with #10 window envelope.
– Added a terms field for US companies.
– Changed activation process for US companies.
– Improved invoice template for Canada and Australia. Now you can name it as “Tax Invoice”, just go to Settings > Value lists and add one more value as “Tax Invoice”.
– Improved QuickFind for Desktop. Now you do not have to push button with mouse to start search. Just type text and press Tab, Return or Enter keyboard button.
– Improved Projects dashboard with additional indicators and Incomes / Expenses comparable chart.
– Improved Perform Find, when records found goes to latest record instead of first created.
– Improved Buyers identification label which is showed on international invoice template. Now based on what type of buyer is shows exact labels: for Contacts shows “ID No. / Passport”, for Companies shows “Tax ID” labels.
– Improved deleting of Projects and Leads to completely delete all related data. It relates to better performance.
– Improved maps within application to match newest Google API.
– Added a notification what to do next when print preview mode is selected. Ability to do not show notification is also included.
– Improved user interface for more clear feel and experience.

Bug fixes

– A bug that caused not to show Taxable item at Job Orders, Estimates and Proposals.
– A bug that caused to show wrong remains in warehouse in some cases.
– A bug that caused not to add default currency then there was created a new income/expense from other modules.
– A bug that caused not to match decimal formating based on system settings.
– A bug that caused not to calculate client dedicated discount in Incomes, Job orders and Proposals.
– A bug that caused to show Job Orders currency code on Estimate.
– Fixed a bug that showed incorrect currency in Clients Debts window.
– Fixed a bug that do not recreate Admin password after update.
– A bug that caused to show cents instead of pence when Great Britain pounds currency has been chosen.
– A bug that caused to show wrong currency name at products group set up window.
– A bug that caused to show wrong currency name at time report.
– A bug that showed second currency at project’ job orders, estimates and lead’ porposals.
– A bug that caused not to show cash flow chart in some cases.
– Removed not related fields in Events at Activity Set set up window.
– Resolved an issue where tasks has been sorted wrong at the dashboard.
– Resolved issues where were wrong links to support web site.
– Resolved issues when new record created and status fields filled up with different language values.
– Resolved issues that did not include currency to new created income or expense from project, lead, contact, company or product.
– Fixed some labels showed in different language.
– Numerous small bug fixes.

Benroy v. 14.110__ (Released on May 29, 2015)


– Performance improvements.

Bug fixes

– Some minor bugs related to UI has been fixed.

Benroy v. 13.032__ (Released on February 19, 2015)

New features

– Product search and entry using Barcode scanner via iPad camera.


– Performance improvements.

Bug fixes

– A bug that caused wrong search for active projects in list view.
– A bug that caused adding wrong date periods in Reports module.
– A bug that caused some iPad layouts show different language labels.


Benroy v. 12.005__ (Released on November 29, 2014)

New features 

– Products now can be sold as taxable and non taxable within Invoice.
– Renewed user interface for iPad version.


– User Name changing improvements.
– Full Screen mode for Windows OS improvements.
– Performance improvements.

Bug fixes

– A bug that caused not to calculate the Income Balance after Payment was entered.
– A bug that caused wrong discount calculations in some cases.
– A bug that caused not to show currency name in Amount in words field.
– A bug that caused not to show dublicated Estimate after Dublicate button is pressed.

Benroy v. 11.058 (Released on September 15, 2014)

New features

– Multi currency can be used across entire business app.
– Improved user interface and english language added.
– Value lists can be set from Settings by regular user.
– Projects Discrepancy model added, based on ISO9001 methodology.

Bugs fixed

– Known bugs fixed.

Benroy v. 10.079 (Released on March 20, 2014)

– Known bugs fixed.

Benroy v.10 (Released on January 10, 2014)

Initial release.


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