FileMaker Development

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We can create a custom application for your business or personal use. FileMaker Innovation Workplace Platform allows to develop quickly and cost effective for your Desktop, Web or any iOS device.



Lately we started to practice team development, instead of individual. Basically the idea of this is, that we all work on 1 feature at the time but each of us has it’s own responsibilities.

  • FileMaker Certified Developer: FileMaker tech guidance and project management, advanced scripting (automations, integrations etc.);
  • FileMaker Developer: Database design, fields and relationships; Calculations and simple Scripting;
  • FileMaker Developer: Designing layouts evaluating user experience and interface.

We can dedicate one person which will work on all responsibilities or if you need fast delivery we can work all together.


How do we prefer to work?

  1. Analyze the business processes. Find key information which has to be stored and find problems which has to be solved.
  2. Prepare the requirements for app creation, discuss it with a client until we get unified decision.
  3. Build the App. Client will be involved in the project each step of the way, with weekly meetings (video conference) to offer feedback and to monitor progress. Time spent reports will be sent weekly.
  4. After the Build is complete, we go over everything one final time before completion and delivery of your new FileMaker based application.

More details…

  • We require a remote meeting with screen sharing option before starting any project. We think it’s necessary to hear the main idea of the app and better understand business or app workflows. It’s very hard to define all the aspects into the task list, so the conversation allows to express the main need of the custom app.
  • If project is longer than 10-20 hours, we suggest to host FileMaker solution on hosting site. We can offer our FileMaker server or any relative service provider. Which allows us to find a middle point location for both sides. If you have local server and willing to host there, it’s fine for us. Hosted file allows client to see the development progress in real time.
  • We use issue tracking software for issue tracking, which allows us to communicate on every issue. We send an invitation once we start the project.
  • The client usually set the priorities of the development. We work closely with the client to define first priorities which usualy have some technical requirements.
  • We encourage every client to have regular meetings to discuss the course of the project and for better understanding of the requirements. We suggest to set weekly remote meetings with screen sharing, so we could show what’s done and ask questions.

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