Home Builders Research (Consulting)

Consulting company Home Builders Research, Inc (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) is considered the premier housing research firm within the Las Vegas housing market. Unique due to their proprietary computer databases, most reports were created manually. As time sensitive data, ease of use, and accuracy of organization is critical to the firms operation, there was a need for new architecture that reduced human error and upgraded user experience while saving time.

The Mission

HBR required specific reports, which take time to create and input crucial data. To achieve this, a database overhaul and UI redesign would be necessary. These business related reports would need to be readily accessible, to reduce menial labor from staff, and rectify existing workflow from human error.

The Result

After redesigning the FileMaker database, implementing a custom naming convention for continued future reporting developments, we created a UI experience that was flawlessly easy to use while handling robust data sets; these include Dashboards that display the most frequently used KPI’s, organized and structured data, and highlighted what was most important for client staff to make crucial decisions.

YZY SOFT has proven time and again they truly care about my business, and helping any way they can. I recommend them highly, and look forward to our continued relationship.

Andrew Smith, President

Client Feedback

HBR reports that the new changes save 10+ hours of labor each month by generating reports alone. The improved database structure has made monthly progress smoother, more efficient, and easier to analyze. Together, the largest combined benefit from the project is the accumulated free time for workers to pursue new clients and projects.

The YZY SOFT team continues to be extremely helpful and responsive. By striving to achieve my goals quickly, they have proven eager to fix issues when hiccups appear; indicating that they really do care about my business and aiding in every way they can. I look forward to our continuing relationship, and would recommend them very highly.