Sanofi (Pharmaceuticals)

Paris headquartered pharmaceutical firm Sanofi engages in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing primarily within the prescription market in addition to OTC medication. A component of the Euro Stoxx 50 index, the company covers multiple areas of medical products, including its role as the world’s largest producer of vaccines.

The Mission

Sanofi-Aventis’s Lithuanian branch was in need to present its products in an interactive yet highly detailed way. Rapid access to information and slides during medical doctors’ presentations and keynotes was essential. Company management also required means to achieve an improved perspective of sales team performance and data collection.

The Result

A new and unique application was designed that allowed sales representatives to easily navigate and find product details they were working on. Quick access details, superior product presentation, and organization UI were implemented based on concepts and needs facilitated by Sanofi product manager input.

YZY SOFT’s attention to detail and ability to attend to robust needs proved crucial to the project, during a transitional time for our firm.

Martynas Aukštikalnis, Product Manager

Client Feedback

The newly designed application showed dramatic improvement with attention to our industry specifics; moreover the workflow for inputing new relevant data within the existing database was streamlined and easy to accomplish. This resulted in capability to cover more products during a visit/presentation, and increased productivity— including a feature tracking of field force which is necessary to monitor visits to analyze doctor performance.

YZY SOFT proved crucial and highly professional with this pilot project, which represented a transitional time for the firm; moving between a robust existing workflow of analog materials to a modern digital and interactive toolset. Dedication to the project and quick turnaround time were integral to its success.


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