We have been developing with FileMaker more than 6 years and more than 3 years we’ve been working on Benroy Business App. We are so happy about this product and would like to share our knowledge with other FileMaker developers. There are a lot of techniques and tricks that be usefull to most of FileMaker developers.

FileMaker platform is great platform for business solutions, managing crucial business data and workflows. Every business owner aware of data integrity, security and delivery to co-workers. Lots of FileMaker users create solutions for their own purposes.

Who should follow this section?

– If you are FileMaker developer (any skills).
– If you willing to know more about FileMaker platform.
– If run your business with FileMaker based solution.
– If you are mad about workflow completeness.
– If you are an Apple fan. FileMaker is subsidiary of Apple Inc.

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