90% of all SME’s use the same business workflows and have the same needs. But the rest of them have special requirements. We are so excited and for the first time we release fully Unlocked FileMaker Framework of our best seller Benroy Business App. This version we named as Custom Benroy. You can use this as a basis of your new FileMaker project or as a main solution in your company. With Custom Benroy you can extend the functionality to meet YOUR special needs. By the way, FileMaker solution can be used in multi user environment up to 999 users.

We’ve prepared a special Developer page for better inside look of Benroy Business App.

Benroy Business App is the ideal solution to manage your Contacts, Projects, Job Orders, Estimates, Project discrepancies, Leads, Proposals, Contracts, Products, Warehouses, Incomes, Expenses, Payments, Documents, and Tasks, Events with Calendar, Timesheets. It’s the smart way to manage your entire company.


Get the App right now and dedicate your time to business! FileMaker software is not included.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or need more information about Custom Benroy, please email us.