5 things

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, projects, documents, and financial data.

You have to know everything about your customers and convienently store data about it. There are 5 things that Benroy Business App possess the most:

1. Workflow control.

Unlike most CRMs that are a pain to use because they are clunky and require a lot of data entry, Benroy actually speeds up your workflow. Actions Groups (Events & Tasks) is very powerfull tool, that helps you (as business owner) write the workflow as it should be in every different situation. Then with a click of a button you can add your prepared workflow to Contact, Company, Project and Lead. No more planning for every project separately, standardize your business with Benroy.

2. Linking abbilities.

Benroy has more than 10 different modules where you store different kind of information. What would be if everytime you want to find your customers related information in different module? After couple days of searching you can get stressed. That’s why Benroy has the abbility to link every module what is in the system.

For instance, you have a new customer which is a company, definetly you would like to add employers or desission makers to company. Writing invoice or adding the expense related to current customer is made with a click.

Projects and leads can be linked to incomes and expenses for better, more profitable decisions to make.

3. Multi platform

Benroy is created with leading custom business solution platform FileMaker. We have chosen this platform in purpose. It’s multi platform and it’s not web based, every user has it’s own client. Even iPad users are ready to go further into business fields with a live support from headquarter. Instant update from Mac, Windows or iPad user.

4. Full featured iPad version.

I am periodicaly try to work only with iPad if the tasks are not to develop the Benroy. And what I found that Apple iPad now is a full compainion. And it’s great than your are able to do more than reply an email, prepare a text document, calculate with a spreadsheet or any other common tasks. With Benroy you can do:
– track your company’ projects and leads;
– write and sign invoice;
– add all expenses with scanned invoice;
– and a lot more.

5. Customize for yourself.

Benroy is offered as is. We further develop it and will add more new features constantly. But our point of view might be different from yours, or you do have only you specific features.

Benroy can be delivered as Unlocked framework. It’s a good opportunity for business owners to expand the solution only with the features that are required only in their industry.

Expanding with FileMaker is quite easy and you can do it yourself or you can delegate it to us. Please check our pricing options for more details. Or you can contact us for a FREE estimate/quote regarding specific features.


But do not forget that Benroy Business App is more than just CRM. It does have Project management, Lead management, Documents management and Financial management. It’s great all-in-one business application.